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For pupils


From Autumn 2011 and throughout 2012, Dickens workshops will be available to schools as part of the celebration of the bicentenary of Dickens birth.


Celebrating Christmas with Mr Dickens is an interactive workshop introducing children to the novel A Christmas Carol. Workshops can include a range of drama activities, a Whoosh, fast ghost poems, Fred’s Christmas Games and a host of other ways of engaging with this classic Christmas story. Suggestions for writing responses arising from the workshop will also be available.


Oliver Twist has asked for more! helps pupils understand just a little about the life of a poor Victorian child. Through the course of the workshop, find out how each item in the Storybag tells participants something about Oliver’s life and friends. After the workshop is over, pupils can blog their responses, writing in role as Oliver



Information about Dickens events for children will also be added here as his bi-centenary approaches.

For teachers

INSET for English teaching

Check back here for details of full day, half day and twilight training sessions on all aspects of Primary English, including engaging approaches to teaching a range of children’s literature.


From 2012 INSET will be available about the role of praise in learning motivation. In advance of this availability, check out the My Books section of this web site.