Gill Robins

Writer & Teacher

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Personal Profile: An introduction to Gill Robins


Gill has worked in a wide range of different schools, teaching children of all ages across the Primary and early Secondary spectrum. She specialises in English and Music.


She is now ‘Teacher Turned Writer’.


Her first book, The Essential Charles Dickens School Resource, co-authored with Laura-Jane Evans-Jones, is in pre-publication.


Her second book, Praise, Motivation and the Child, is in progress.


Gill has other specific areas of research interest:

- learning theories, currently with particular reference to the effect of praise on children’s learning motivation

- developing best practice in the teaching and learning of English language and literature with Primary aged children

- the use of contemporary approaches to the teaching of classic texts in Primary and Secondary school contexts

- the role of music in the development of language skills.


You can also read Gill’s Published Articles which span the range of her research interests.




Experience and Training


Gill graduated from the University of Southampton with a BA degree in Music, simultaneously studying for a Royal Academy LRAM diploma in piano. She then completed a PGCE in Music and English at King Alfred’s College, Winchester before teaching music for several years to children from the age of 3 upwards. She also trained non specialist Primary teachers through modelled teaching.


Following a move into the Primary classroom, Gill gained experience in the management of Music, English and Assessment. She also worked as a Leading English Teacher in an advisory role, ultimately becoming a Deputy Head. Her research work during this time led to an MA in Education from the University of Winchester.


Gill also publishes regularly. She joined the Editorial Board of the English Association 4-11 journal in 2009, initially as Reviews Editor and then as Chair of the Board, leaving in 2011 to complete her books and pursue other writing opportunities.


In 2010, Gill won the prestigious UKLA John Downing Award, presented biannually for innovative and creative approaches to the teaching of English. After considering evidence in the use of texts, pupil voice, colleague support, learning partnerships and parental involvement, the judges wrote, ‘The panel was most impressed with Gill Robins’ thoroughly professional reflection on her practice. The portfolio was a joy to read and unanimously considered by the panel to be the award winner for the primary section.