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Some of the very best story and educational apps for iPads are reviewed, several of which are posted on the developers’ websites. Educational and fun value ratings have been enthusiastically received as innovative features. Pre-release critique from a qualified educator is welcomed by developers who incorporate comments in final release versions.


Exciting new books for children will be reviewed and best buys will be recommended, both for use in school and for parents to share at home.  There will be information about recently published books for teachers, with a focus on Primary English and new theories about how we learn. Together with links to other review sites, this will provide a valuable resource as you search for just the right book for your needs.




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Other News


Education is a rapidly changing landscape at the moment. On this website, I will be commenting on some of the changes which most affect Primary education in general and English teaching in particular. I will be following the emergence of the revised National Curriculum closely.


You will be able to find information on a wide range of topics from curriculum and assessment to current thinking on learning styles and how this applies to professional practice. This will also include information about new developments in ICT practice.


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A Message from Gill Robins

Welcome to my website.

It reflects what I care about most in the field of education and the experience which I have gained during my teaching career. I hope you both enjoy browsing and find it useful. Do contact me with any questions or comments.

You can find news of my latest publications The Essential Charles Dickens School Resource and Praise, Motivation and the Child. There are links to published articles which I have written, my Blog, Twitter, Facebook , and ‘Read all about it’ in The Gill Robins Daily e-newspaper.


You can read reviews of new books, educational apps for iPads and resources, book workshops, INSET or CPD training, or just dip into pages to keep up to date with the latest developments in Primary English education.